How To Fix SBCGlobal Email Not Working On Outlook

SBCGlobal is a prominent email service provider that the majority of users use for personal and professional purposes. Many users use their SBCGlobal account by configuring it on Outlook. It is one of the most preferred email clients, which provides you with better mail management and easy accessibility. 

However, recently users reported that they cannot use SBCGlobal on Outlook. SBCGlobal email not working on Outlook is an annoying issue as it includes a wide range of other problems such as SBCGlobal not receiving emails, SBCGlobal Email Login Problems, etc. Nonetheless, this issue can be fixed by applying some simple steps mentioned in this guide, so stay tuned.


Solutions to fix the issue

Here are a few solutions mentioned below that can help you fix SBCGlobal email not working on Outlook.


Solution 1: Check your antivirus

Sometimes, antivirus programs interfere with other software programs, and if that is the case, you need to disable your antivirus program. If disabling the antivirus doesn’t fix the issue, you can uninstall the antivirus or switch to another antivirus.


Solution 2: Remove your email profile


You can remove your SBCGlobal email account from MS Outlook, as it will remove all the files stored locally on your computer. But, your emails will remain available on the server.

To remove your profile, follow the given steps:

  1. Go to the File Option, then Account Settings, followed by Manage Profiles.
  2. Click on ‘Show Profiles.’
  3. Choose your account and click ‘Remove.’


Solution 3: Use Outlook in safe mode

There are chances that some add-ons are interfering with Outlook so that you can start MS Outlook in Safe Mode. For that, you need to:


  1. Press ‘Windows key + R’, type ‘Outlook/safe,’ and hit ‘Enter.’
  2. A new window will pop up, so click ‘OK’ to continue.


If the problem doesn’t solve, then disable the add-ons.

That’s all about how you can fix SBCGlobal email not working on Outlook. We hope you find this guide helpful and informative.

Author – Fred

Fred has more than nine years of IT expertise. He has been awarded numerous awards from various institutions and forums. His passion for helping people via his expertise has made him share his experience with readers via Blogs and articles.

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